Boston Spa Tennis Club

Lifetime Saving
CO2 Saved
41 Month
Return on Investment
Energy Reduction

We recently visited Boston Spa Tennis Club in Yorkshire, where we have installed our Skyline Virtus LED Floodlights across three courts at the venue.


Boston Spa Tennis Club has over 100 members, providing both social and competitive team tennis opportunities to those involved with the club. Boston Spa has four all weather courts, allowing for play throughout the year, and lighting is vital to ensuring that play can continue into the late winter evenings.

We replaced the previously installed Metal Halide Floodlights with our Skyline Virtus, resulting in a >60% energy saving and a reduction in spillage. The previous fittings had also caused issues due to moving when winds were high, creating glare and poor conditions for play; members at the club confirmed this has stopped thanks to our installation.