Darkside Developments

We recently visited Darkside Developments in Barnsley, a VAG and BMW Diesel Tuning company, with dealers all over the world. Darkside Developments was founded in 2010, and the company has grown rapidly in the last decade, reaching 100,000 subscribers on YouTube in 2022!

We are supporting Darkside Developments with a host of lighting improvements across their site, starting with their Warehouse and Industrial areas. Our Illumina Atlas LED Wattage Switchable High Bay was used for this lighting upgrade, replacing failed LED units which were previously in place, and allowing for further efficiency thanks to the quality of our new products.

The Illumina Atlas boasts a variety of notable features, from 60W to 200W wattage switchable functionality and a luminous efficacy of 145 lumens per watt, to sensor and emergency options available if required. The product is the perfect alternative to Metal Halide or Sodium.

We look forward to sharing further images of more lighting replacements in the near future.