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BELL Arial Panels and Skyline Pro Floodlights Specified.

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Arial LED Panels

Our Arial Panel range is compatible with surface mounting, suspended or flush mounting options.
Choice of Colour Temperature
All sizes/models of Arial panel are available in 2700K, 4000K or 6000K, making them suitable for any environment.
Performance Guaranteed
Rated for 30,000 hours life, the Arial Panel range comes with a 5 year quality quarantee.
Emergency Versions
All models of Arial Panel are avaiable in emergency options, with choices between 1 year and 5 year guaranteed batteries


Skyline Pro Floodlights

Rated voltage of 110/240V makes the Skyline Pro Range suitable for site lighting.
High Quality Components
The highest quality components including Bridgelux LEDs and Meanwell driver ensures long lasting puctorerformance.
Performance Guaranteed
Rated for 50,000 hours life, the Skyline Pro range boasts a 5 year quality quarantee.
Photocell Version
All models of Skyline Pro are available as a photocell version complete with Lucy Zodion miniature photocess for dawn/dusk functionality