HSE Harpur Hill - Phase 1

The HSE Science and Research Centre is the most comprehensive facility in the world dedicated to the investigation and research of health and safety science.

The building operates as the main home of HSE's Science Division, with 380 scientists, engineers, occupational health and hygiene specialists and support professionals working together to provide the research and evidence that HSE requires to underpin regulatory activity, protect the public and make Great Britain one of the safest places in the world to work and do business.

The HSE Science and Research Centre hosts a flurry of vital activity, from testing and monitoring, where bespoke tests are carried out to determine the most effective ways of managing risk, to dedicated and formalised training, from open courses, online courses, in-house training, hosting conferences and events, and much more!

The 550 acre site which can accommodate 600 staff members at maximum capacity, with 80 buildings onsite, is at the start of a lighting overhaul. This overhaul has been facilitated by BELL Lighting and City Electrical Factors, Buxton, with our fittings selected for several areas across the site. Our Lighting Design Team has been busy ensuring that timely designs are in place for a multiple phase project, with over 4,000 fittings due to be replaced.

We recently visited the site to photograph the first phase of the operation, with our Lumo LED CCT Asymmetric Wallpack and our Arial Pro 16W LED CCT IP44 Downlight used throughout circulation areas, and our Illumina Atlas Wattage Switchable LED High Bay used to provide lighting in areas where ceilings are particularly high within the main building. We also pictured a host of our Spectrum LED Emergency Lighting items in several areas across the site. A number of our Dura LED Anti Corrosive IP65 Batten products were also present in various areas, however these rooms were not photographed in order to ensure that confidential data remained protected. The products have provided a positive difference to the site, with one staff member mentioning the reduction in glare thanks to our products.

In addition to the photographs taken to cover the first phase of the works involved, we are excited to revisit the site in the near future, following the installation of the second phase of the project, with offices due to be completed incorporating our Arial T-Pro CCT UGR<19 LED Panels, and our Arial Multi UGR<19 LED Panels. We will also capture images of our Alto LED Street Light and our Skyline LED Floodlights on our second visit, with these products being chosen to provide external lighting across the site.