TUI Airport Hangar

Annual Saving
CO2 Saved
Energy Saving
Cost Reduction

Our products were recently installed at a TUI Airport Hangar in Luton, providing outstanding results in this eye-catching facility.

TUI Group is the world's leading travel company, along with boasting the title of the UK's principal travel brand. Like BELL Lighting, TUI are committed to improving their sustainability credentials, pledging to achieve net-zero emissions across their operations.

Our products were used across the site, with our Illumina LED High Bays, complete with sensors, used in the Main Hangar to provide full control. This was particularly important due to the volume of natural light which penetrates the glass roof panels in place. Our High Bays replaced the original 400W HQI High Bays which were installed, and the improvement in both quality and energy saving is substantial across the site.
Alongside our High Bay offer we also provided an emergency lighting design using our Self-Test LED Bulkhead fittings. Our emergency lighting offer is one which we are extremely proud of, and we work hard to ensure that we place safety at the top of our priority list when designing projects where the full scope of information is given to us.
We also designed the Engine Bay area, where both Linear fittings and LED High Bays were used. The rest of the site was replaced using a point for point LED replacement, with areas like the office and circulation spaces being fitted with BELL Lighting products. Thanks to the savings which are to be made as a result of this lighting upgrade, TUI are now looking at a solar panel installation to give the site full off-grid usage.