Wellingborough School Car Park

Wellingborough School has a rich heritage and a long distinguished history. Originally founded in 1595 as a boys' school, Wellingborough School is now a two-tier school, with a Preparatory School and a Senior School forming the basis of the institution.

We recently visited the school to assess several areas where the lighting could be enhanced in order to improve the safety and atmosphere of this exceptional organisation. The first area where we have provided support is the Car Park, as this was a space which needed a new lighting installation for safety reasons.

We utilised 10 of our Skyline Virtus 150W Asymmetric Floodlights, mounted on 8m columns which were supplied by BELL Lighting, in order to vastly improve the lighting levels which were present in the area. We also provided glare, upward light, and horizontal spillage figures for the school to consider. This was particularly important, as the school is situated near a busy main road, meaning that spillage could not impact vehicles in the surrounding areas.

Thanks to the quality of our new installation, we are now working on other areas of the school, and we look forward to sharing more in the future.