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Firestay Geo® & Geo Mod®

LED Sustainable Modular Downlight

Our Firestay Sustainable Geo® Modular Downlight is the next step towards sustainability and circular economy for BELL Lighting, and we are ahead of the curve in the race towards our eco goals. The downlight housing is designed to remain in the ceiling for life, resulting in zero waste to landfill.

Designed to be used alongside our Firestay Geo® housing, our Geo-Mod® is a sustainable light engine which enables the user to replace the CCT LED unit at the end of product life, with the module being returned to your local BELL Lighting collection hub, resulting in full circular economy.

Upon return to your local wholesaler, another Geo-Mod® product must be purchased and installed within the remaining Geo housing. No disposal is required throughout the process.

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The Firestay Geo® patented technology has been developed to be energy saving while incorporating a fully circular economy design.
  • Zero land fill, 90% of all material used on this product will be re-used and re-manufactured
  • TM66 Certified (Excellent Circularity)
  • 2700/3000/4000/6000K Colour selectable
  • White, Satin, Chrome, Brass, Antique Brass & Matt Black bezels available
  • Patents GB2514685/GB2303902
  • The Geo-Mod® enables the end user to quick fix and replace the CCT LED unit at the end of product life. Simply return the Geo-Mod® as per instructions on the unit.

The housing has been designed to remain in the ceiling for life removing any need for recycling or possibility for landfill disposal. Any replacement of the light engine does not require removal of the housing.

The Geo-Mod® (sold separately) has been designed so at the end of life it can be returned to the manufacturer to be re-used and re-manufactured saving the need to recycle 90% of the product.

Where to Buy and Return for Re-Manufacture


The below distributers both sell and collect Geo-Mod® units to send back to BELL for re-manufacture. Simpy head into branch and post the module into the returns box provided.

Alternatively contact our customer service department to arrange a prepaid envelope to be sent out to you.

What is Circular Economy, and why does it matter?

Reducing our use of raw materials and cutting carbon dioxide emissions is becoming more and more important. In a circular economy, products are used again and again, meaning that we are able to cut down on waste and look after the environment.

Living in accordance with circular economy values ensures that we protect finite raw materials and results in a lesser impact on the environment, lowering the emissions that we produce.

With this in mind, we have launched our innovative Firestay Geo product! The Geo aligns with circular economy ideals and is at the forefront of sustainable thinking within the industry.

AMA Research estimates that 20 million Downlight units are released into the UK Lighting market per annum, with only 25% of the material used currently being recycled. Our Firestay Geo product is an innovative product, challenging the current position of the Downlight market.

Our Sustainability Goals

We are proud to be rated gold with EcoVadis, placing us in the top 5% of companies within our industry!

Our future ambition is to a achieve carbon neutral status by reducing carbon wherever possible, and utilising carbon offsetting projects, alongside this, we hope to become an inspiration for local businesses in their efforts to operate in an eco-friendly manner, by inviting them to our offices in Normanton and showcasing our sustainable initiatives.

These are our long-term goals, but in order to reach our objectives, we are taking steps in the here-and-now in order to move towards a sustainable model of business practice.

By the end of this year, we aim to move to fully sustainable packaging, implement fully paper free processes throughout the business, ensure that no disposable cups, plates, or cutlery are used throughout the business, and much more. This is our starting point, and we are confident that we will meet our aspirations and continue to move forwards.

The next 5 years are set to be an important period, with the company targeting ISO 14001 Environmental Management certification and a move to all electric company cars, amongst other directives.