LED Filament GLS

LED Technology with the elegance of Incandescent lamps

BELL LED Filament lamps are the perfect replacement for traditional incandescent lamps, creating a welcoming atmosohere with a retro feel. Available in multiple wattages and colour temperatures, they are perfect for domestic and hospitality applications. 

Life Hours
3 Year
Energy Saving
Max Lumens
Incandescent Replacement
With 40W, 60W & 100W equivalents, and fully dimmable versions available, the BELL LED Filament Range is the perfect replacement for traditional incandescent lamps.
Full Glass Envelope
BELL LED Filament GLS Lamps boast a full glass envelope, fully replicating the style and glow of classic incandescent lamps.
High Spec Componants
BELL Filament lamps are built to the highest standard, with quartz filament, high temperature capping cement and argon gas.
Reliable Dimming Performance
BELL LED Filament Lamps have smooth dimming performance on both digital and rotary dimming systems, perfect for use in domestic and hospitality applications.