British Electric Lamps Research and Development department was established in 2012, this was augmented by the Lighting Laboratory and the Quality Control/Quality Assurance facility in 2014.

All products manufactured by British Electric Lamps undergo a stringent set of quality control procedures, carried out in accordance with: BS EN 60064:1995+A5:2009 / BS EN 60357:2003+A3:2011 / BS EN 60432-3:2013 / BS EN 60081:1998+A5:2013 BS EN 60901:1996+A5:2012 / BS EN 60968:2013 / BS EN 60669:1993 / BS EN 6115:1999+A1:2013 / BS EN 61199:2011+A1:2013 BS EN 62612:2013 / PD IEC/TR 62778:2012 / BS EN 62560:2012 / BS60598

Be assured that when you choose BELL lamps or fittings you are getting the most energy efficient units available today, saving you money, energy and reducing your carbon footprint.

Photometric Sphere

This tests all lamp output data; lumens, spectrum, colour temperature, power factor and actual power. This allows availability of photometric data and illumination data for lighting design schemes.

Thermal Imaging Camera

Thermal Imaging Cameras are used to ensure correct operation and thermal management of LED products. Thermal management is essential for LED products to prevent limited lamp life and lumen depreciation.

Extreme Electrical Conditions

These tests are carried out on each batch of our LED lamps in line with EN 62560:2012.All of the electrical safety tests are carried out after the lamps have aged at 35° C and 95% relative humidity in our environmental chamber.

Needle Flame & Glow Wire Tets

The Needle Flame Test is to ensure that all insulating parts lamps and fixtures are flame retardant. Glow Wire Test is performed on all lamps and fixtures to ensure that construction materials are self extinguishing.

Post Production

Post production QC testing & inspection to ensure safe current protection of product.

Circuit Overload Testing

Circuit  overload protection and circuit wattage is tested on product batches to ensure safety and compliance to EN60598.

Dimmer Compatibility Testing

Extensive Dimmer Compatibility Testing is performed on all LED products to ensure performance of smooth dimming, high loading compatibility and overall stability.

Torque Testing

A calibrated torque test is carried out on all lamps to ensure products retain cap strength before and after life testing