Flyer Generator

Use our flyer generator to make custom, priced flyers with your logo and contact information. New flyers will be added regularly as new products launch to help support our loyal customers.

Please read the additional information available in the FAQ for help with logo dimensions and how to use the tool.

Step 1: Select a flyer template

LED Downlights
Firestay Duo V2Firestay Duo V2
Firestay GeoFirestay Geo
Firestay GuardianFirestay Guardian
Firestay LED CCT V2Firestay LED CCT V2
Firestay Non-Integrated Firestay Non-Integrated
Firestay PrimoFirestay Primo
Firestay ProtectorFirestay Protector
LED Battens
Dura CCT BattenDura CCT Batten
Dura LED IP65 BattenDura LED IP65 Batten
Mentor BattenMentor Batten
Ultra CCT BattenUltra CCT Batten
Ultra LED BattenUltra LED Batten
LED Floodlights, Street Lights & Sports Lighting
Alto LED Street LightAlto LED Street Light
Skyline MiniSkyline Mini
Skyline PadelSkyline Padel
Skyline PowertronSkyline Powertron
Skyline Slim+Skyline Slim+
Skyline VirtusSkyline Virtus
LED Warehouse Lighting
Illumina AtlasIllumina Atlas
Illumina CalorIllumina Calor
Illumina LinearIllumina Linear
Illumina Linear UGRIllumina Linear UGR
Illumina MutoIllumina Muto
Illumina SlimIllumina Slim
LED Bulkheads
Aqua 1Aqua 1
Deco GrandeDeco Grande
Deco SlimDeco Slim
Lumo WallpackLumo Wallpack
Muro WallpackMuro Wallpack
Filament CandleFilament Candle
Filament GLSFilament GLS
Filament RoundFilament Round
Genesis GLSGenesis GLS
Genesis GU10Genesis GU10
G4/G9 LED CapsulesG4/G9 LED Capsules
Halo GU10Halo GU10
LED Panels
Arial LED ConverterArial LED Converter
Arial LED Round PanelArial LED Round Panel
Arial Multi PanelArial Multi Panel
Arial Plus Multi PanelArial Plus Multi Panel
Arial T-Pro Multi PanelArial T-Pro Multi Panel
Emergency Lighting
Spectrum Emergency 6-in-1 Exit BladeSpectrum Emergency 6-in-1 Exit Blade
Spectrum Emergency BulkheadSpectrum Emergency Bulkhead
Spectrum Emergency Exit BladeSpectrum Emergency Exit Blade
Spectrum Emergency Hinged Exit BoxSpectrum Emergency Hinged Exit Box
Spectrum Emergency Recessed DownlightSpectrum Emergency Recessed Downlight
Spectrum Emergency Twin SpotSpectrum Emergency Twin Spot
Spectrum High Power BulkheadSpectrum High Power Bulkhead

Step 2: Enter information and get a preview

Step 3: Enter your details and download