Moor Park Golf Club

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CO2 Saved
Annual Maintenance Saving
Cost Reduction


4W dimmable candles were installed at Moor Park Golf Club, Hertfordshire.

The Mansion is set amidst 300 acres of mature woodland, the magnificent building with its impressive grounds is an awe-inspiring venue for any occasion. BELL candles were chosen for this prestigious project for their A+ Energy rating, 30000 hour life, consistent colour and smooth flawless dimming. 

Josh Connolly, Facilities Manager said:

“Our previous incandescent lamps were inefficient and needed constant replacement, no small task on chandelier’s suspended from a 20 foot ceiling in the Banqueting Hall. The new LED lamps are maintenance free, they are ‘fit & forget’, have clear, crisp light output to illuminate the hall from floor to ceiling. Members and guests have commented on the ceiling detail they hadn’t been able to see with the previous incandescents.

These have been so successful we intend to replace all our lamps with BELL units, when the roll-out is complete the money and energy savings will be huge”.





BELL LED Vintage Lamps

Dimmable Options
Dimmable and Non-Dimmable options are available. Excellent smooth dimming performance.
High Spec Componants
Special extended filament and amber glass coating to replicate traditional ambler glow and vintage aesthetic.
Low Energy Consumption
At 4kWh/1000h, the energy consumption of these lamps is incredibly low, allowing over 90% energy saving when compared to traditional incandescent lamps.
Performance Guaranteed
15000 hour rated life, BELL LED Vintage lamps come with a 3 year guarantee.