Talbot Hotel

Lifetime Saving
CO2 Saved
Annual Maintenance Saving
Cost Reduction

BELL 4W LED candles, a large proportion being from the Vintage range were supplied by AB Electrical, as part of a lighting solutions scheme for The Talbot Hotel, Malton, North Yorkshire. 

An initial trial batch of lamps were supplied, these were so successful that the lamps were rolled out to all communal areas, 26 bedrooms, banqueting halls and business meeting rooms.

Talbot Hotel spokesperson said

“We are delighted with the new lamps, in addition to the cost savings we now enjoy, the lamps fit perfectly with the existing fittings helping to create a friendly, welcoming ambience. With 20000 hours life these lamps really are ‘fit and forget’ eliminating the need for frequent and time consuming lamp changes with the associated labour costs. Guests have commented on the new lamps, in particular the smooth dimming and the authentic vintage look."




BELL LED Vintage Lamps

Dimmable Options
Dimmable and Non-Dimmable options are available. Excellent smooth dimming performance.
High Spec Componants
Special extended filament and amber glass coating to replicate traditional ambler glow and vintage aesthetic.
Low Energy Consumption
At 4kWh/1000h, the energy consumption of these lamps is incredibly low, allowing over 90% energy saving when compared to traditional incandescent lamps.
Performance Guaranteed
15000 hour rated life, BELL LED Vintage lamps come with a 3 year guarantee.