Skyline Elite

Asymmetric & Symmetric Floodlights

Skyline Elite Floodlights

Designed and engineered in the UK, the Skyline Elite Floodlight is a high specification floodlight with a 70,000 hour life span, 5 year quality assured guarantee, and a 1 year on site support warranty.

The trasition from sodium to LED exterior lighting over recent years appears to have made global light pollution worse, not better, scientists have reported. The Elite has been desgined specifically to meet the strict requirements for sports and area ligting and reduce light pollution (see our guide to sports lighting here). The floodlight is designed to control obtrusive light, a precision lensing system ensures a tight beam pattern, reducing overspill upwards light and directing light only where it is needed. 


7 Year
Life Hours
Robust Construction
Constructed from polyester coated marine grade aluminium and toughened safety glass, the unit provides IP66 Internal Protection rating, and IK08 impact rating
High Quality Components
The highest quality components including Nichia GRT-V1 LEDs and Meanwell driver ensures long lasting performance
Surge protected up to 10,000 volts for lighting protection. Aerodynamic, streamlined design to reduce windage.
Simple Installation
Universal mounting bracket as standard. Supplied pre-flexed, tool free entry for simple installation.