General Our Move to BELL House
Date Posted 15 February 2024

Our move to a new building, designed to accelerate our growth and allow for expansion in staff and the products which we can offer, is one which involved an immense amount of work.

After a 3-way competitive tender process, Cleckheaton Construction were the successful building contractor chosen to manage the complete refurbishment of our new Warehouse and Office areas. As part of our move, we wanted to ensure that we created a fully bespoke space which met our needs and gave us room for growth. After we benefitted from roof repairs and a renovation of the external areas surrounding the main building, we gave the green light for a series of internal changes.

The previous Warehouse failed to meet our needs in terms of the use of the space, and as a result we had all of the racking, mezzanines and dividing walls removed, redecorated the space, and repaired any damages, adding our own racking along with a state-of-the-art carousel which allows for unrivalled stock management.

Further design changes included the removal of old fixtures, light fittings, partition walls, and other unnecessary elements of the previous Office design. We then redecorated the entire internal element of the building, designing a gym, showroom, boardroom, customer experience area, canteen, and testing spaces which were not previously present. Along with the chosen contractors, and with the help of several members of internal staff at BELL, we worked tirelessly to bring our new home up to the level required, and to ensure that it was suited for the activities which we undertake on a daily basis. This work extended beyond decoration and repurposing of rooms and spaces, into full tests for electrical installations which were in place, gas system and fire alarm system commissioning, risk assessment and water chlorination certification, and much more.

We recently shared a 360° virtual tour of our National Distribution Centre and we are proud of all the work which has taken place to put us in a position to grow substantially in the coming years.